Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SoftRock SDR receiver with Kenwood TS-850s

Here is a report from Jack about use of a SoftRock SDR receiver kit working in tandem with his Kenwood TS-850s. Click on the thumbnail below for a larger view. Also included below are two Youtube video links. Thanks, Jack!
Good evening,
The CAT interface cable for my TS-850s came in today.  I also have finished a monoband SoftRock SDR for the Kenwood 8.830 MHz IF.  I used the PowerSDR/IQ software from here:
The software now works directly with some Kenwood radios and with the K3.  It can also link up with Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD).  Here are a couple of vides:
The software is superb.  By interfacing the $20 SoftRock to the TS-850s, I get the following:
  • A pandapter
  • The SDR receiver with an additional sub-receiver.  This includes DSP filters and noise reduction.
  • The SDR is muted automatically when transmitting through the Kenwood.
  • Software control of the combo as well as control via the radio knobs.
  • Interconnection with HRD
This is an impressive and inexpensive combo.

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Mark said...

Hello Jack,

Congrats on the great setup. I'm looking to do the same thing with my SoftRock Lite II. If you could elaborate on the configuration, especially on how you have the SoftRock setup for a 8.83 MHz IF as I also own a TS-850.

73, Mark NB1U
mark.nb1u at gmail dot com